MAPI Connections


I would like to know how to measure MAPI Connections in Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition.

I have looked at the logons however I see several identical names logged on, but at different times in the day.  Is each of these classified as a single mapi connection?

Can a user have more than one MAPI Connection to Exchange 2003?  i.e using there Outlook session and perhaps a Blackberry device?

I have alwyas thought that a mapi connection is only established when using Outlook.  If so, do you open a new MAPI Connection if you share your Outlook Calandar.  In other words if you share your calendar to 10 people, does this mean there are 10 Shared MAPI Connections of your calendar plus 10 MAPI Connections of each user looking at your calandar and 1 other mapi connection which is yours.

Is there a definite way to measure all mapi connection that are live to the server, if so how can I do it?  

My head is really hurting trying to understanding this MAPI stuff...

Any help would be much apperciated.

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You can use perfmon counter to see how many mapi connections are on a box. if you want a nice gui interface to play with you can download a trial version of Quests Spotlight on Exchange -- it will show you lots of good stuff -- mapi, owa , smtp queues, catergorizer, cpu, mem etc .......
AJAY_MASSONAuthor Commented:
What Perfmon Counter displays MAPI Connections.  I have downloaded Quest Spotlight but i believe the figure being generated is incorrect.  therefore I wanted to know how many connections can a mapi connection have accoriding to one user account.
I believe that is can make multi calls depending on what is occcuring -- ie open your mailbox and connect delegated calander --
Quest tool just reads perfcounter and i have dropped bugs with MS -- the imap and pop counter keept going 8billion for us so its possible the counters could be off

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