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Getting my Linksys Wireless Router to work through my DSL Modem

I know this question has been asked before, and I've read the answers, but I must be missing something:

Plugged straight into the DSL modem ( model 2200 ) I can see the internet with my W2K PC, and plugged
into the router, I can see the other machines on my network, whether I'm wireless or not.  The status
screen on the router says it's connected, gives an IP address, DNS and gateway addresses.  The DSL
modem is set to DHCP, and the userID and password are entered on it.  The router is set to PPPoE and
the userid and password are also set on it.

But when I try to access the internet through the router, I can't see anything.  I can't ping anything except
the router and the other PCs.  I can't even ping the DSL modem, although that status screen says it's connected.  
Why can the router supposedly see the internet, but my PC can't, from any port, wireless or not?

Internally, the modem is, and the router is, and the PCs are .3, .4, etc.  Mask is

When I do IP config at a DOS prompt on the PC, the router apparently passes the info from the "Connected" PPPoE, because
the info from the status screen on the router matches the IP info, but I still can't access the outside world from the PC.

I just don't understand why the router can see the internet, but my PC can't.  At first I thought it was a bad router, so I
exchanged it, but now I think I've configured something improperly.


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1 Solution
You might want to put that modem into bridge mode.  Is it your modem or leased from the ISP?  If it is verizon DSL they will guide you through bridging the modem 123 your done.
First reboot.  Shut down pc and power down router and modem.  Then, in this order, turn everything on:  modem, router, pc.

In the router, there's a diagnostic section.  See if the router can ping (experts-exchange.com).  If it can, you know you've go an Internet connection through the router.  Then, get on the pc.  Make sure all firewalls are off.  Ping these in order: - verify your IP stack is good
Your own IP - verify your NIC is working properly (your default gateway) verify your network connection (verify you can get to the Internet)
If all that works, ping www.cisco.com - verify your dns is working.

If all that works, but your browser does not, then it may be an application problem - IE or whatever browser.
Your seems to be a DHCP server(probably you have a Westell2200/2100).Its wierd that  you get a 192 add though the internet connection type is pppoe.This is almost next to impossible.I think even configuring the modem to bridge mode may not help.Here`s a much broader outlook (soln i would say):

1st of all hard reset the router:hold the reset button for 30 secs (after the 1st 10 secs unplug the power cable without releasing the reset button & plug it back after another 10 secs without releasing the reset button,wait for 10 more secs)

& then Try any one of the following :(remember to power cycle all the devices together)

1]change the LAN ip add of the router to change the internet connection type to obtain ip automatically/automatic configuration dhcp--release/renew internet ip add.
2]you can configure your modem to bridge mode & keep the internet connection type as pppoe.

If all this doesn`t help:upgrade the firmware & follow the same steps again.(remember> after f/w upgrade reset the router)
Its your modem that i am talking about in the 1st sentence.

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