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New computer to an existing Windows 2000 server domain.

I have an new windows xp pro sp2 that I am trying to add to an existing domain.  What do I need to do to enable it to be part of the domain?
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How to change a computer name or join a domain in Windows XP

hope this helps.
KevinKnesekAuthor Commented:
I checked the system it is a home edition.  How do i upgrade to pro?
your right, xp home can't join a domain so you will have to upgrade to xp pro.  you just have to buy a copy of XP and put it in the CD player and reboot.  when it asks you to boot from CD choose yes. follow the onscreen instructions and choose to upgrade rather than do a clean install.

xp home to XP pro is a supported upgrade path:

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If you buy the XP Professional Upgrade edition, you can upgrade to Pro with that. however before you go an do that, you might want to have a look at this...
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Normally, XP Home edition are not designed to join a network domain but there is a fix which can solve this problem.

Microsoft wanted to cripple Windows XP Home Edition so that it could not be used on domains, which would force many to upgrade to the more expensive Windows XP Professional Edition simply to join a network domain. However, it -is- possible to get on a domain using Windows XP Home Edition.

This can also be accomplished with the free and widely available Xteq X-Setup 6.1 by navigating to the "Network \ Auto Login \ Windows NT/2K/XP \ Settings" option within X-Setup. Simply enter the appropriate information and click "Apply Changes" - upon your next reboot, you can then join domains with WinXP Home Edition. Problem solved. X-Setup includes many other useful Windows XP tweaks / hacks / etc. for Windows XP as well, all free for personal use.

Ref: - http://vowe.net/archives/001639.html

Download this and join the XP HOME to Domain: -

SystmProg , way to copy my link! (I'm guessing you didn't click it...otherwise you would have seen the same exact information about how to get home edition on a domain)  =)
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Oh! I am so sorry. I really didn't see the answer posted for this question.

Thanks for letting me know DVation191.
Wayne BarronCommented:
That is very useful information. BUT?
Do this makes me think that it would void any warranties with Microsoft on the XPHome Ed.
And if Microsoft pulled the [TweakUI] from their site, then that really makes me feel that
This could possibly be something that might be considered to be Illegal.
And if that is the case, then watch out for Future SP's released for XPHome Ed.
As it might have a fix in it, which will disable this, or even cause your system to give
An error on the Reboot after installing the SP.

Sort of like when "Windows XP Pro Corporate Editions" Came out,
And there was the great uproar on the ability to "Crack" the OP and use it without
Registering first with Microsoft.
They released the SP1, which crippled it.
Then a crack was released for the "SP1" and then
Microsoft released SP2, which crippled it.

So in my honest opinion on this.
I would say to be on the safe side, and especially if this is a business application (Network Domain)
It would be of your best interest to purchase the "XP Pro Upgrade"
And then reinstall the system. And join the Domain that way.
At least this way, you will know that it is legal.

But hey, that is just my opinion.
I get in at least 4 e-mails a week for the "Microsoft System Builders & Microsoft Action Pack"
To know that things like this are nothing by problems in the long run.

KevinKnesek, you need to use your best judgment on this one.
If you are in a Business environment, then you need XP Pro.
If this is a home based Domain, and you do not make no money from your servers.
Then do what you will.

XP Pro Upgrade in my suggestion.

Take Care

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