very slow hardware Raid 5

My setup is composed of a hardware raid 5 using 4 ide 200g drives connected with a highpoint RocketRaid 454.
I also have a 2 sata disk raid0 on the motherboard controller.

copying files to the raid 5 is dreadfully slow, around 0.8mb/sec.

at first i thought it may be the x64 drivers for windows xp pro x64, but i get the same speeds with 32-bit win xp.
the same thing happens when i create a hardware raid 0 and a software raid 0 with the drives on that card.

I get no errors, and i'm out of things to try/check before i RMA the card.
(the hard drives are fine if used independantly)

any ideas?
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I would suggest benchmarking the drives independently as non-RAID drives, in case one of them has a hardware problem.
jdnutsAuthor Commented:
tried that. one drive was slower than the rest, so i made a raid 0 out of just the 3 fast drives.
it's just as slow as when i was using all 4.

one interesting thing, is that it copies very fast for the first 20mb or so, then it slows down to a crawl...
I think the Highpoint controller just isn't the perfect raid controller for what you are doing. Does it have the options to add some RAM, or have you upgraded the firmware? More RAM on your motherboard might also help.

Otherwise I'd get a raid controller from promise or areca.
jdnutsAuthor Commented:
I did upgrade the firmware. I'm running an athlon64 3200 with 1 gig or ram, so that should be enough
i tried 2 promise controlleds together(both just 2 channel), and it worked a little faster, but not much.
then i tried the 2 onboard controllers and it was quite a bit faster, so now i'm running 2 raid 0's instead...
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