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I am at a workstation with Lotus Notes R5. Two people have access to the workstation and they both have seperate ID's, I placed both ID files in the data folder. I cannot seem to seperate the workspaces though, it doesnt matter which id I select or log into I always get the same workspace and it mail/calendar buttons will only point to one id file and not the other.

How do I seperate the workspaces so that when i log into windows with one user and load lotus notes it comes up with their workspace, mail and calendar and then if I log out of windows and back in with another user and load lotus notes it has their individual mail buttons, calendar etc.

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What you have to do is set up each user with a separate notes data directory (preferably on a server as this works much better), each folder has to contain all the normal data directory files desktop.dsk, bookmark.ntf etc.

Create a short cut on the desktop to start Notes with shortcut property settings something like:

Target = H:\Notes\notes.exe
Start In = H:\Notes

Where H:\ is the drive which maps to the users directory on the server

If the machine is set up with individual profiles, all a user would have to do is just log on and the the Notes shortcut would automatically start with the correct desktop.dsk and display the correct workspace and bookmarks.

The only small problem would be that the 'You have new mail' message would be for whatever mail file that is specified in the notes.ini file on the machine.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
No, that's not the preferred way to do this. Notes supports an additional parameter, to indicate the Notes.ini file to be used. The data directories need to be separated indeed.

Read all about it here:
Something to consider later perhaps, notes 6.5 has a better way to deal with this if you want to upgrade.
Do the users log on to the same Windows account, or do they log on individually?
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