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Delphi Install Utility

I know this isn't strictly a programming question, but it is a Delphi question...

I have to install a new hard drive and will obviously have to install XP and re-install Delphi.

The problem is that I have absolutely loads of third-party components which also have to be re-installed - along with the hassle of making sure I put them in the same place, setting all the search paths, re-organising my component palette and so on.

The point is, this is *very* time consuming and wondered if anyone knew of any way to simplify the task. There probably isn't, but if you don't ask...

What would be nice is an 'export settings' option in Delphi which exports all the program settings, components, paths and associated files.

After re-installing Delphi, you would use the 'import settings' option to load back all the settings and restore all the components, files and paths.

Wishful thinking I know, but anyone any suggestions to make the job any easier?

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Ghost the old drive, unless it is broken.
tdk_manAuthor Commented:
No, it isn't broken, but Windows is! :)

As I have to install Windows again, I'm using the opportunity to install a bigger hard disk and add some more memory. As such, ghosting will only give me the same problems back I'm afraid...

Hi, the best way is to follow these steps:

1) save registry branches for Delphi (for CURRENT_USER and LOCAL_MACHINE)
2) save registry branches for any advanced component pack (which is using the registry)
3) remember system environment variable PATH
4) backup Delphi directory and after reinstallation of the system return it to the exact path as it was before
5) after reinstallation register all saved *.reg files
6) return all environment variable PATH elements regarding to Delphi or any of it's component
7) you're back again

tdk_manAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that Kate.

Will try this weekend and report how I get on. Looks promising though... :)


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