How do I combine a 2 Linksys BEFSR41? Any help would be appreciated

I have tried the "Linksys" solution but it does not work. I only want to use the second router as a switch to extend the number of ports on the first router. Can this be done or do I need a switch. I have a 75 foot straight through connecting through a wall so if a cross over can be avoided it would help.


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mightofnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In most cases when someone is trying to do this they end up with 2 routers with dhcp up and running on both.  What happens in this case is that the device gets an ip from which ever device that it sees first on the network.

Best solution is unplug the router that you want to use as a switch from the network i will refer to this router as ateh switch from now on..

not 100% necessary but for best results unplug both the router you want as the router and turn off the computer.. (this should clear any ip tables from both the comptuer and the router)

plug in the "router" turn on comptuer.. does internetwork work??

if so now dissconnect computer from the router and connect it to the "switch" reboot if necessary...

now try and login to the "switch" turn off dhcp and set the "switches" ip to a different ip then the "router"

example router x.x.x.1  then set switch to x.x.x.2

this will allow you to still loginto both the router and the switch later if need be and both will run in unison

as far as connecting the two routers together a crossover cable may be necessary but most newer routers are auto negociating so it will make the change for you.. it the lights on both routers light up when you plug in the cable then yoru ok! ;)

let me know if you have any further problems...
pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All you need to do is plug in a CROSSOVER cable to a LAN port.  Assign the 2nd router with some kind of static IP on the same net, but outside the scope.  Like  Make sure you DISABLE DHCP on the 2nd router.
Ps.  Those boxes - Linksys broad band routers, are switches and routers combined in the same chassis (box). :)
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tonyteriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use the setting on the second linksys to select "Gateway", instead of router

just a note when you do the second portion and you connect the computer to the switch.. you need nothing else connected just being able to log into the switch is your only goal here..
DavidlocAuthor Commented:
The solution was the three answers combined but I finally got fed up and threw in an 8 port switch just in case the user ever lost the configuration. You'd figure Linksys would allow these router to be regurgitated as switches a little easier than that .

Thanks to all who helped
Well it's not a matter of them being all linksys products it's more of a matter theat their all routers and their just doing what a router does.  Not to worry though i have answered this same problem for many people...
Chears, glad you got it to work!
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