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Hi all,

I have a 111MB file which is an audio MP3 file. The BIT Rate is currently 64Kbps - Is there anyway in which i can further compress this file to reduce its size to something more reasonable for download ? If possible i would like to keep the file in an MP3 format.

The sound files were recorded at 32Kbps (as an experiment) and the audio quality was too poor to publish. However 64Kbps ( or even something in between ) may be more suitable. Is it possible to download an application where i can change the Kbps after the file has been recorded and thus reduce the file size and just play around with suitable sound qualities to get the right balance between Kbps and file size :)


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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
what about mp3 pro ? if that is not a viable solution and you said to keep it an mp3 format then what about splitting the mp3 file in to a few segments and then making the audio quality higher ie 128 kbps ??

mp3pro :

cdex for converting and altering between audio quality, ripping etc :
You can use any number of mp3-to-wav programs ( and then re-filter the wav file at a lower frequency and compress it with LAME at a lower bitrate.  I find that for  voice quality, I can use CoolEdit (aka Adobe Audition) to cut off frequencies at 8kHz, compress at 16Kbps mono, and get a 40 minute recording for a 5MB file.
I understand you wish to keep the media as mp3 if possible - but sometimes it may make more sense to convert a small file wom WMA as it seems (in my humble opinion) to be able to handle smaller files better.  You can obtain the free utility from Microsft at this link:

Select Net Install if 18MB too large a file and select the Plus! MP3 Audio Converter LE
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I recommend using Easy CD-DA extractor for any audio file conversion or downscaling (in your case). It will allow you to select any of the following qualities (below 64 kbps) for MP3 output: 8,16,24,32,40,48,56 kbps
By any kind of converting software convert MP3 to WAV. Then convert WAV to MP3 with quality you need.

Tip! You can use mp3's VBR option (variable bit rate) to decrease the size of file.

Do this.
Download Goldwave:

Then you can edit the file and save it in any format, with any bitrate...
But my suggestion is to keep only one channel (Mono)...
then save it at 64 :)

(Press 'Chan' button to toggle between channels ---> Copy ----> Paste new - Mono)

Hope this helps.
The only way to significantly reduce the size of an audio file is to sacrifice quality.

A nice freeware program for converting audio file formats around is DBPowerAmp. 

Hmm, nobody has mentioned something important. MP3 is a lossy compression method.
Every time you modify an MP3 or similar file, you are losing some quality, and once it's gone,
you can't get it back. Repeated conversions on the same file will only create more distortion.
Every time you try a conversion, always work from the original recorded file, don't do multiple
conversions on the same file.

Whenever possible, save your original recordings in a lossless format (.WAV, .FLAC, etc)
at a high bitrate, then experiment with converting to various bitrates and settings until you
get what you need. If you need to reconvert, go back to the original lossless file and work from it.

gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the posts they have been extremely useful and there is loads to get me started here ! Will try a load out and let you know how i get on.

Thanks for the good info :)

gisvpnAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the delays in getting back to you all..

Well i played around with some of the software above and ended up using the CDex software and cutting the file size down to reduce the file size. I also took billmercer advice and i record the original in the highest possible quality and then convert it once - thanks for that point :)..

So thank you all !
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