Sending Array of Chars to DLL file

I'm converting C++ Header file to Delphi and I faced a problem with sending chars "OUTPUT" to DLL file

C++    :
   void SalCalculate(Date *date,Location *loc,ConfigData *data,char *s):
   char output[3000];                  // Make sure the length is enough. I.e. for year

Delphi :
   procedure SalCalculate (var date: idate;
                         var loc: LOCATION;
                         var data: CONFIGDATA;
                         s: PChar); cdecl stdcall; external SALATD;
  output:   array[0..3000] of Char;

When I run delphi program I got the following error:
EOverflow with message 'Floating point overflow'

Do you have any recommendation to overcome of this problem?
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shokotahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your C++ struct you defined programFlags as int but in Delphi it is string?  It seems to be a hex value so define Delphi as integer and assign it as :

mydata.programFlags := $100;
1. i thinlk ypu need to use or cdecl or stdcall, but not both
2. i think your problem is not linked to char array, but to CONFIGDATA, LOCATION or idate type.

or it could be different alignment in C++ struct and Delphi record
post this type declarations in C and Delphi
overlook2004Author Commented:
Is it CONFIGDATA? I have one doubt about it (PROGRAMFLAGS)

typedef struct {
      int programFlags;                      // Only bit 8-10 are used to indicate the type of calculation
                                                      // Bit 8-10 = 0 Calculate for a day
                                                      // Bit 8-10 = 1 Calculate for a month
                                                      // Bit 8-10 = 2 Calculate for a year
} ConfigData;

data.programFlags=0X100;            // 0X000 for day, 0X100 for month and 0X200 for year calculation

  ConfigData = record
  end {ConfigData};
mydata.programFlags:='0x000';            // 0X000 for day, 0X100 for month and 0X200 for year calculation
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Please the whole C structs.
I bet the problem is in the structure packing.
That means how the elements of the struct/record are packed together (have a look at the difference of record and packed record).
In Delphi you can force a structure packing of 1 byte with packed record. All other packings (2, 4 or 8 byte boundaries) are handled with compiler option.
In C structure packing is not part of the language at all. It is all handled with compiler options or pragmas.

BTW 0x100 = $100
Thanks for the grading overlook2004.

Is the function working now?  
overlook2004Author Commented:

It worked perfectly after changing the type of ProgramFlags to integer instead of string

Thank you  all for quick & greate support

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