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I have a Snap Appliance 1100 and the hardware has recently decided to quit working, the system no longer wants to power on.  Anyhow, I know the data is still good, because I got it to turn on once, but wasn't able to move all the data off of it.  So I am trying to come up with an alternate way to access this data.  I tried connecting the drive to my XP machine, but of course XP doesn't recognize the file system.  Are there any other options?

Thank you

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Try using it with Linux.

Not sure linux will understand the file system either, but it understands far more than Windows does.

If you don't have a linux system, grab yourself a copy of knoppix and boot to it - Knoppix is a complete version of Linux on a CD, no need to install any software, just burn the ISO image properly and boot.
klog_69Author Commented:
I tried doing it with fedora a couple days ago, but I wasn't able to mount it.  I am a newbie to linux, however, so I could have been doing something wrong.  Could you give me a run down in how to mount a hard drive in linux?

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Try it with knoppix - it should automount it if it's mountable.

Problem is, I think you have to specify the file system if you mount manually - and we're not sure what that is.  Knoppix should be able to handle this automatically though.

If you prefer, I'd you post a link in a linux topic area to this question and someone with better linux skills than I might be able to help further.
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klog_69Author Commented:
I tried Knoppix, but that was unable to automatically mount the drive.  Can anyone else provide some help???

craylordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We aquired a Snap 1100 from a company we purchased. Nice device 80 gb. It's a propietary software. From what I remember, there's two hd's in the device (hence it's raid options). But unnacceptable for us to use, because what good is raid if you can't switch the hard drive like a server?? Sure, you have data redundency, but if one hd goes, then you have to buy new one. ugh. So I got to take it home for personal use.
As for recovering data.. even snap appliance .com has a dismal response. i.e. go contact a third party to recover the data.

You can try bartpe, it's free and can read/write ntfs.
You can find Bart's Windows PE disk here - 
A full set off instructions for Barts PE disk on this site - 

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