Linksys VPN: Email Wont work

Have a linksys router connecting to a remote office as an extension of a larger office.  Users access exchange email and map drives to servers over the link.  For some reason email stopped working.  Users on the remote office (using win2k workstations) open up their outlook and it starts painting the page and never finishes.  They can map to file servers and open and pull big files etc.  They can browse the web and anything else.  When they open mail it only pains part of the page and never finishes.  Happens on differen vender pc's and laptops at that remote location.  No change was made prior to the proble starting.  

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waybadmojoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My first place to start looking would be the VPN MTU settings.

The--CaptainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I typically approach problems like this (some things work, other do not (or work very slowly), no explicit filtering, etc) as MTU issues (try lowering your MTUs to 1460).  You might also have some luck verifying that this is the problem using some ping tests with varying packet sizes

If adjusting MTUs does not immediately fix the problem I would use sniffers at each end to determine the source of the errors.

Can be considered a silly question, but can you 'telnet <exchange ip> 25' from a remote workstation at the remote office?  If not, sounds like either DNS isn't resolving the exchange local name between the two sites or port 25 is blocked over the VPN.

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