J2ME & Surpressing Text Input Boxes

I have a J2ME app that accepts numerical input via the following fields:

new TextField("Time In?", "", 4, TextField.NUMERIC);

On our old cell phones, this command works just fine.  We type the numbers *directly* into the field.

Unfortunately, on our new cell phones (like our Motorola V551 phones or our Nokia 3320s) when you start to type into the field a "text entry" type dialog appears that takes your input.  You then have to press "OK" to the text entry box (which places the information into the field) and then "OK" in my program.  These extra steps are frustrating and if you're "too fast" what you type is lost.

How can I suppress it?
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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NerdyMikeAuthor Commented:
Wow -- either I've asked a question that no one can answer, wasn't specific enough on the question or didn't assign enough points?

I'll double the points if that'll help...
>> wasn't specific enough on the question ...
It looks like its not a J2ME settings but rather a device specific behaviour [you can try to post it in Wireless as well]
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NerdyMikeAuthor Commented:
Neither phone has it as an option to turn off -- and I actually don't want to turn it off phone wide.  (text messaging would be killer hard without it)

What I'm stuck on is that there are so many other Java programs on the market that don't have this problem.  When you're playing 'snake' or some other game, and controlling it from the keypad, it doesn't pop up a text entry screen every time you try to do something.

I guess I have to, somehow, not use TextFields and read directly from the keypad?  Does that seem reasonable?
> Does that seem reasonable?
I think so.
NerdyMikeAuthor Commented:
After much research, I've found that there is no way to do this other than to re-program all my forms as a "canvas".  That's too much work for this project, so I'm just going to have to put up with it as is....
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