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Windows 2003 with active directory users are setup with roaming profiles and redirected folders to server1 we just added server2 with windows 2003 backup domain controller I want to move the profiles folders and redirected folders to server2.  Is it as easy as changing where the profiles are mapped to and change the redirected folder mapping to server2?  I assuming if I do that next time users login their computers will do the rest.  They will machines will just take a lot longer to boot that first time,  let me know if I am right or wrong of if there is a better way to do this thanks.

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oops, no you cant.  restore from a backup to the new directory.  my mistake.  i always forget that.  so used to my old netware system.  just restore the directories one night to a new share with the proper rights and then test it by changing one users profile path.
you will need to create a share on server2, cut the users folders (don't copy!!) , then paste them into the new share, go ahead and update the users profiles to point to the new path.  that should work just fine.  this will keep the original profile rights intact.  that should do it.  if you copy the files, the rights will be inherited from the parent share and the ownership will be lost so don't copy!  hope this helps.
adproAuthor Commented:
so i can cut the folders even though i dont have read permission to the files ?
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