Can i use 2003 Terminal Service CAL on a 2000 server?

It looks as if they don't sell 2000 cal's any more for terminal services...does this mean that i can buy a 2003 and it's backwards compatible?


Can i have both user and device cal's installed at the same time?

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Sort of.
You can *not* add a W2k3 TS CAL to a Windows 2000 TS License Server.
But what you could do is move your TS License Server to a W2k3 machine, and buy "Per *Device*" TS CALs; if there are no generic Windows 2000 TS CALs available, a free W2k3 Per *Device* CAL will be given to clients accessing a Windows 2000 Terminal Server. (Note that a "Per User" TS CAL will *never* be used by a Windows 2000 Terninal Server.)
"A license server attempts to provide the most appropriate Client Access License (CAL) for a connection. For example, a license server provides a Windows 2000 TS CAL token for clients connecting to a terminal server running Windows 2000 and a Windows Server 2003 Family Per Device TS CAL token for a connection to a terminal server running Windows Server 2003. By default, this per-computer setting allows a license server to supply a Windows Server 2003 Family Device TS CAL token, if available, to a terminal server running Windows 2000 if there are no Windows 2000 TS CAL tokens available."
Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing

You can install both "Per User" and "Per Device" TS CALs on a TS license server; however, a W2k3 Terminal Server can only be set to request one type of licenses. So you can have two W2k3 TS, one using "Per Device" CALs, one using "Per User" CALs, both accessing the same license server. You can *not* have a single W2k3 TS using "Per Device" and "Per User" CALs at the same time. As said before, a Windows 2000 TS can only use "Per Device" CALs.

The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server 2003
Hi menreeq,

no you cant use 2003 cals for 2000

you can still buy 2000 cals, they are just hard to find

i am pretty sure you can have device and user cals installed at the same time, but don't know how effective it is - i will post a link about it soon

Hope that helps

correction, i am pretty sure you can use both types on a 2003 terminal server - but dont think 2000 ts knows what to do with the different types
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