How to Block my Teenager from Explicit Chat Rooms

My son has a computer in his room that is connected to the internet.  I have Windows Explorer's security turned up to block explicit web sites, but he can still access chat rooms such as "sexandthecity" and "bachelorette," both of which seem to have plenty of explicit converstations and request for pictures, etc.  

Is there a product I can buy that will block sexually explicit or violent chat rooms?  If not, is there one which will just block all chat rooms?  He is using AOL IM Chat.

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If I were in the situation that I wanted to block content to someone, I would do it this way.  Blocking content is all about compromise, you can never get it all.
The first step is to remove the internet connection.  That way, no unwanted content is getting in.  Then, instead of giving a full connection, use a proxy running on another machine to grant partial access.  In this case, we would run an HTTP (web) proxy.  There are many proxies available, and even "content filtering proxies" that will keep the explicit web content from going any further right there, in addition to the web browser settings.

If this isn't good enough to please your son, I'd then advise installing an additional proxy (From what I know, almost anything that's proxy-compatible can run through a SOCKS proxy) with password proteection.  He doesn't get the password, but when you can be in the room monitoring him, you can enter it yourself.

This might be a bit more strict than you desire, but you didn't specify enough of your goal for me to know, so I offer it as a possibility.

This link says that it can filter instant messaging.,1759,1618830,00.asp
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