Using a proxy server, clients can't play music or videos

I installed a proxy server and now the users can't play their music files or video files from  It worked for a while, but now it doesn't.  Everything else seems to work fine.  I have played with the settings in IExplorer and have the ports forwarded in the router, but this strange thing occurrs.  What can I look at next?

Workstations are windowsxp pro and server is windows 2000.
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nedvisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here there are step-by-step instructions how to configure your players to acces streaming servers through CCProxy.
Realplayer :
Windows Media Player : 
WinAmp has similar config option
So I was right when mentioning ports 1080 (and 4480) .
Your CCProxy is listening on ports 1080 for Windows Media Playerlayer and 808 for HTTP protocol requests from RealPlayer and WinAmp.
2hype , how do you think WMP can bypass Proxy on the network?  

good luck
It all depends what streaming media formats/players you're using.
         Anyway you have to tell your media-players where to look for acces to the internet - in other words open ( ReaPlayer,Winamp or WindowsMedia Player)  configuration utility and type the proxy address and port ( e.g. , in case where the proxy server is located at IP address  and the  port your proxy is listening to is :4480 )
       Also make sure your proxy is capable of proxiing PNA or RTSP protocols for streaming media in RealPlayer ( proxy ports are  :1090  and  :554  respectively)  or just enable proxiing streaming media through  HTTP port ( usually :4480  or :1080  ports )
       Windows Media Player is using MMS protocol and proxy port should be :1755 and RTSP is the same as in RealPlayer. WMP can also follow Internet Explorer Browser settings to connect to streaming media servers ( HTTP proxy port ). Click  Tools--.Options--> Network
      Winamp is using only HTTP proxy port 80 so it's very easy to redirect winamp requests for streaming media content using following formula user:password@serverIP:port e.g.
     BTW: what proxy server you're using ?
     good luck
kentbaldAuthor Commented:
Just set set Windows Media Player to not use the Proxy.

Open up Windows Media Player.  Click Tools -- Options -- Click the Network Tab.

Where it says HTTP click configure and select Do Not use a Proxy.

It should all work fine after you set that.
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