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Can not Install Red Hat Linux 9


My prolem is when I want to install Red Hat Linux 9 the setup give an error that "Can not fnd Hard Driver" and reboot the system.

my compter is :
Processor : Athlon 64 3000
Main Board : MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
chipset : NVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra
Bios detect this HDD as Third Master IDE
I have Six Partitions : Partition C & D & E & F & G are NTFS and  H  formated as swap linux.
How I can Install Red Hat linux 9.
Thank you.
3 Solutions
RedHat 9 does not support SATA drives/controllers operating in SATA mode. Some controllers can be set for legacy mode and RH 9 will then work. It may also be possible to find a driver image disk and install the driver during installation. But a better approach would be to go to Fedora Core 2 or Core 3 which supports SATA.
MOH_RAuthor Commented:
Actually isn't there any solution ???
Driver , Software utility ?
I should install Red Hat Linux 9 on my computer for some projects.
Thank you.
If you can find a driver disk for RH 9 for your SATA controller you can use it during the installation to add the SATA driver to the system. Otherwise you need a later distribution that includes SATA support.
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MOH_RAuthor Commented:
I don't know how I can do it.
because I am a windows user and not familier with linux.
I want to install Red Hat linux 9 for other user.
The http://www.kernel.org offer kernel 2.6. It probably solve my problem.
Can you tell me how to use it in a step by step method.
Also I use Bootable CDs for installing red hat linux 9.

Thank you very much for your help.
I'm sure you can also use Fedora-Core for your projects, I'm sure. RH 9 isn't supported by RH anymore and the Fedora-Core project is the direct successor of RH 9. In fact Fedora-Core 3 has been used as the base by RH vor the new RHES 4 they have just recently rolled out.
> install Red Hat Linux 9 on my computer for some projects
What's the main reason for those projects to use RH9?
If the projects need the specific glibc/gcc on RH9 or kernel 2.4.x, then you can try RedHat Enterprise Linux 3,
which has the close glibc version to RedHat 9. Because RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 is developed based on RH9.
Besides, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 support SATA.

By the way, if you has only SATA disks, as jlieve pointed out, set the bios in legacy (default is enhanced mode),
then RedHat 9 will install seeing the drives as normal IDE drives with a slow transfer rate.

I checked the mainboard you have, MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum, which have regular ATA133 IDE channel.
So you can install RH 9 on ATA133 IDE disk without any problem.

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