Domain to workgroup. Howto change it

You see now, I am currently running on a windows XP and logged on into a domain. We have a server which holds all our files. Now you see, I can't  use fast user switching when im on a domain. And i want to have a fast user switching logon so it displays all the users in the screen. Currently I have 3 network folders on the server. I want to be on a "Workgroup mode" to use the fast user switching feature and still retain  all my network folders... printer access. and all what i have in when i had the domain setting. Basically I just want the fast user switching added on my setting right now. thats all. But its not possible with the domain thing. Thanks.. I think this is very easy for you guys. Our server runs on a Windows 2000.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can't be on a domain and use Fast user switching.  It simply doesn't work.  If you convert to a workgroup and can map drives to domain by providing your user ID and password, but personally I wouldn't do this.
chicolongaAuthor Commented:
Actually i figured it out already yesterday. Ive set my desktop into a work station. cause a lot of users use my computer and doesnt know how to use the user login stuff. and they always use my login. so i changed my password and added a new user. But ill give you the points anyway. thanks.
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