New DDR Ram desktop wont boot?

Hi There

Ok hopefully someone can help.
I have a desktop machine P4 3Gig running windows XP home with a firefox motherboard.
It is currently using 256mb PC400DDR ram, yesterday i bought another 256mb PC400DDR Ram.
When i slot on the new ram the PC will not boot at all, just a cursor flashing on a black screen.
I took it out and put the working ram in the other slot and it worked so it is not the slot, i also tried switching around the ram in different slots (there are only 2).Bottom line if the new ram is in any slot it will not boot.
I think the ram chip is broken?
I just want confirmation in case i am missing something before i take it back.

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DDR400 is PC3200, just fyi
It could be that that memory modules are not identically matched, it could also be that the bios/system board doesn't support 512mb of memory (which is doubtful for a p4 system), the new module may be bad as well.  Have you tried starting the system with only the new module in it?  Also, I've never heard of a firefox motherboard (do you mean a foxconn motherboard?).  Please provide more information about your motherboard (specifically the manufacturer and model) and also let us know if the specs of the ram match exactly.
good luck
michaelpgAuthor Commented:
Hi tfjeff

thanx for the assistance.

Sorry it is not my pc i am looking at it for a friend so i am not very familiar with it.
Yes it is a foxconn motherboard (my apologies), i at not at the PC currently so i do not have a model number but i know it is one of the lastest models so i am sure it can support 512mb of ram and more.
The original Ram dimm that works i think says on it, PC400DDR.
The new one (that i have on me) literally says PC3200 256mb DDR-DIMM.
So if DDR is PC3200, why does it say PC400DDR? But if DDR is PC3200 then they should be compatiable, correct?

No i did not try booting with only the new dimm i will try that tonight.
If it will not boot with only the new dimm what then? Faulty ram?
If it does boot with only the new dimm what should a assume? Motherboard?

you can check if your ram is compatible here :

But i think there is a fair chance the stick is bad
If the system will not boot with only the new dimm, I would assume it is either a bad dimm or is not compatible with your motherboard.  If the system will boot with the new dimm or the old dimm, but not both at the same time, it is probably because they are not an identically matched pair.

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michaelpgAuthor Commented:
Cool thanx tfjeff.
That is all i really needed to know.
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