XP Share Options window. Change view

So I have Xp NOW....yawn.....

I used Win2000 a long time and am use to the sharing tab with ability to set permissions on file Folder I am sharing .

Xp gives me 4 check boxs in it's version of sharing options.  How do I get back my sweet win2k view of the sharing window


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sajuksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
//try this
Open Windows explorer
Go the "view" tab, and scroll down to the bottom to "Use Simple File Sharing", check the box.
JinLeiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using XP Professional edition , then your can disable "Use Simple File Sharing" as decribed in the following article:

If you are using XP Home edition, then there's no such option to disable "Use Simple File Sharing", The only way to do is to re-boot your computer and press <F8> , enter Safe Mode with Network connection, then you can find the same option as Windows 2000 when you right-click shared folders
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