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Delphi 7 Crystal 10 RDC

I was trying to find out how to change cysrtal data source, my Delphi 7 app can need to switch to various sql instances using ADO,
Crystal 10 does not change sucessfully

two attempts are as follows
number 1
  for i := 0 to (Crpe.LogOnInfo.Count - 1) do
//frmLocation.edtInstance.Text  name of the sql instance on the server

    Crpe.LogOnInfo[i].ServerName := GetComputerNetName() + '\' + frmLocation.edtInstance.Text;  
    Crpe.LogOnInfo[i].Password := 'sa';
    Crpe.LogOnInfo[i].DatabaseName := 'VoterNetWrk';
    Crpe.LogOnInfo[i].UserID:= 'vndata2005';

  crpe.DiscardSavedData ;
  Crpe.Connect.ServerName := GetComputerNetName() + '\'  + frmLocation.edtInstance.Text;
  Crpe.Connect.UserID := 'sa';
  Crpe.Connect.Password := 'vndata2005';
  crpe.Connect.DatabaseName := 'VoterNetWrk';

I found referances here to cr 9 using the RDC,  but having trouble on finding an example with CR 10
I would like a quick fix for now since I plan to move the whole apt to VB.net or Delphi.NET, but I need something working in the meantime.
Willing to try the RDC but would perfer not to at this point.
I know the VCL is going away.
any Ideas?

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Hi MichaelLuna,

I don't think it's true that the VCL is going away. Just recently, BO releases the crystal report 11 VCL for delphi 7. Although BO don't have any VCL yet for Delphi 8 and up, I heard its on the way.
If you don't have the Crystal report 10 VCL yet, you can get it here:


I think there are few sample apps included when you install the VCL...not sure though.

MichaelLunaAuthor Commented:
I have the VCL installed
I just need to changes the instance of msde/sql the report uses for the data source at run time.

instance 1   CDMain\losAngeles
instance 2   CDMain\SantaMonica

The databases are names the same for each instance.
A client could have up to 5 different citys.  Each is maintained serperately.
VCL works great for everything else, I just need to changes the server instance.
MichaelLunaAuthor Commented:
Problems solved.
The reports were based on a stored procecure which queried a table on another database in the same server.  Even with the same use login it just would not work.

Had to reconfigure the program to only referance  on database, then switching servers no longer became a problem.
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MichaelLunaAuthor Commented:
I guess 50 points for trying.  The answer was no help.
Thanks anyway
MichaelLunaAuthor Commented:
Yes, How do I do that?
Points are reduced.

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