How to automate updates for portals?

We are running a network in a school wit Windows Server 2003 and XP clients. We are also running an intranet portal where the different departments post schedules, announcements, events, etc.  The problem is that the administrator has to update constantly these department portals. Is there any program out there where users in each department can upload new information in an automated and easy fashion so the administrator does not have to do all the work? Most of our teachers are pretty much computer illiterate and they don’t know how to use FrontPage or similar programs
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You need a CMS - content management system. There are many expensive ones out there, many open-source ones as well (mostly based on PHP, which you can also install to your Windows Server). Take a look around, some have scheduling, announcements, mailings, etc.
One which is used often is for example PHP Nuke:
It all depends on what you want to do, which skills you have (i.e. for modifying the portal/cms, etc.), if you want an external consultant, which skills the teachers have, what they should be able to do, etc. :)
before checking out 500 or so CMS (where PHP nuke is just one), you also can use a WebDAV enabled server, or use a syncing tool like rsync. Both suggestion assume that you trust your users who update the content.
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