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Hi Guys,
        How to create a large text area in dialog screens. Not that of the size of a text box. A larger one just as that of the size of this question body one.

Thanx and Regards,
Ravi Kumar.
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jonvaughanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once you have created the container on the screen - in this case it is called SC_CONT_9000
you then create the control

* create container
  if gv_custom_container is initial.
    create object gv_custom_container
     exporting container_name = 'SC_CONT_9000'.

* create text control
    create object gv_text_editor
            parent = gv_custom_container
            wordwrap_mode = cl_gui_textedit=>wordwrap_at_windowborder
            wordwrap_to_linebreak_mode = cl_gui_textedit=>false
            error_cntl_create      = 1
            error_cntl_init        = 2
            error_cntl_link        = 3
            error_dp_create        = 4
            gui_type_not_supported = 5.

    call method gv_text_editor->set_toolbar_mode
              toolbar_mode = gv_text_editor->true
              error_cntl_call_method = 1
              invalid_parameter      = 2
              others                 = 3.

    call method gv_text_editor->set_statusbar_mode
              statusbar_mode = gv_text_editor->false
              error_cntl_call_method = 1
              invalid_parameter      = 2
              others                 = 3.

    call method gv_text_editor->set_readonly_mode
                  readonly_mode = gv_text_editor->true
                  error_cntl_call_method = 1
                  invalid_parameter      = 2
                  others                 = 3.

** you then need to get your text ...

** then convert it to a stream
* convert itf text to stream text
  call function 'CONVERT_ITF_TO_STREAM_TEXT'
            itf_text    = perm_tlinetab
            text_stream = lt_text_table.

* add it to the control
  call method gv_text_editor->set_text_as_stream
            text = lt_text_table
            error_dp        = 1
            error_dp_create = 2
            others          = 3.

You have to use the text area GUI  control.

Create an area on your Screen and fill it with the text area control ...

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