Performance problems on Windows Small Business server

I am having performance problems with a Windows small business server. Clients accessing the server lock up frequently for several seconds during the day. When this happens the Page faults per second and Disk queue length are going sky high. The processes that seem to have the most page faults are mmc.exe and wmiprvse.exe.

There is also another process - w3wp.exe which starts (but not for a while after server is started) that consumes over 100mb of memory but never uses any CPU. Which service is this part of and can I select for it not to start. We are not using exchange server or many of the other applications as at present the server is primarily a file server.
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Have you run antivirus/spyware scans?
Whats the spec of the server and how many clients is it servicing???
MMC.exe is the Microsoft Management Console, and wmiprvse.exe is part of the operating system that is used for management and monitoring.
Application developers also use this to create monitoring applications
w3wp.exe is normally associated with web application pools in IIS6
What software are you running on the server????
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