PCI Wireless adaptor ??

My computer boots up fine without the PCI wireless adaptor inserted into any of the PCI slots ( which I only 2 available ) as the only other one is a USB quadrabus PCI card which I use for the mouse ( I have  one other mouse which is a serial mouse and I have not tried removing the USB PCI card , not sure if that would help any )

Computer Specs :

PII 350 Mhz
512 MB SDRAM PC 100
PC CHIPS M729 Motherboard that has an ALi 1621 chipset
PCI Wireless LAN Adaptor ( Which I am trying to get to work )

When ever the PCI WIRELESS LAN Adaptor is inserted it just makes the monitors green / orange LED blink. The only info with regards to this wireless lan card I have is in the documentation as it has a screen shot illustrating to click continue with regards to windows xp and its digital signature verifcation and on there it says it is :

Am1772(tm) Wireless LAN Chipset

I think the manufacturer is Advanced Micro Devices.

With regards to this question I just wanted to know how to resolve this issue so I can get it to work on the desktop ?

I am about to go and see if I can find the manufacturers website now to see if I can find any useful info :)

Any help or suggestions with regards to getting it to work is very much appreicated, the reason I ask this question is because I want to get this problem resolved as fast as possible ! Hence the 500 points
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
M729 manual: http://www.pcchipsusa.com/Manual/M729/M729v12.pdf

PCI standards have changed over the years, so I wouldn't be surprised if the board is incompatible with such an old motherboard: http://www.quatech.com/support/comm-over-pci.php  I had to abandon one of my motherboards because an HDTV tuner card required a slot with a different voltage.  Do you know that there are wireless USB devices?  I have a D-Link DWL-G132, for example.
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
Just as an update I have taken the USB card out and tried the wireless card again just to make sure it wasnt a conflict between the USB card and the wireless card, that did not work. I then took the graphics card out to see if it would beep at me, that did not work, I took the wireless card out and left the graphics card out to see if it would beep at me and it did, then I stuck the graphics card back in and took both IDE cables out of both hard drives and it didnt beep.

So the only thing I can think of is that possibly the PCI slots are 16 bit and the card is a 32 bit PCI wireless card.

I cant find the manual for this motherboard, so if anyone could help me find the manual that would be greatly appreicated :)
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
I am aware of those my next door neighbour has a spare one of those I think and I will prolly trade him my wireless card for that usb adaptor :) << Praying it works lol.

Thanks for all the help Callondor, very much appreicated !
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
Callandor even, sorry me and my typos today lol my bad !
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