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Getchunk : argument not optional error

I am getting the error 'argument not optional' on line 'bytes() = rs(PFName).GetChunk(Block_Size)' with 'getchunk' highlighted as the error. I took this code from another site so i assume i've not defined something correctly but i don't know what ! Can anyone offer any suggestions ?

Public Sub FillPhoto(rs As Recordset, PFName As String, SizeField As String, Picture1 As PictureBox)
On Error GoTo Handler
Dim bytes() As Byte
Dim file_name As String
Dim file_num As Integer
Dim file_length As Long
Dim num_blocks As Long
Dim left_over As Long
Dim block_num As Long
Dim hgt As Single

    'me.imgPhoto.Visible = False
    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass

    ' Get a temporary file name.
    file_name = TemporaryFileName()

    ' Open the file.
    file_num = FreeFile
    Open file_name For Binary As #file_num

    ' Copy the data into the file.
    file_length = rs(SizeField)
    num_blocks = file_length / Block_Size
    left_over = file_length Mod Block_Size

    For block_num = 1 To num_blocks
        bytes() = rs(PFName).GetChunk(Block_Size)
        Put #file_num, , bytes()
    Next block_num

    If left_over > 0 Then
        bytes() = rs(PFName).GetChunk(left_over)
        Put #file_num, , bytes()
    End If

    Close #file_num

    Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(file_name)
    Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault
Exit Sub

    Debug.Print Err.Description
    Resume Next
End Sub
1 Solution
How To Use GetChunk and AppendChunk Methods of RDO and ADO Object
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