how can i connect from my XP laptop to a windows 2000 prof machine which donot have a monitor

Hi all,

how could i get the screen of my windows 2000 prof machine which donot have a monitor from my laptop?( I dont mean mapping drives and connecting)

I think terminal session softwares (dameware,vnc etc) only works when you have
the monitor working .Rt?


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S3quenceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is a utility from Microsoft called PSEXEC . This enables you to run a command session as though you are on another machine

If you downloaded the util the command line (to c:\) you would need to run would be

c:\psexec cmd PCNAME

Then you are on the other PC from here you can install a program to remote desktop onto it

Whyh not use netmeeting after all its free...

If you can wait till mon/tue i will get the script i used to remotley install netmeeting on another machine

With PSEXEC and the script i wrote you can get netmeeting installed on the monitorless machine and remotley connect

will be back soon............
You could just install a VNC client on the Win2k machine and connect over the network.
RealVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC and my personal favorites.

hope this helps.
kaafkaAuthor Commented:
hi DVation191,

Thks for comment.

My problem is i dont have a monitor on my pc which i want to connect .( so i cant install as well)

No way .Right??


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not without using an exploit...but that kind of information is not allowed on these forums. looks like you'll need to connect a monitor for at least a few minutes to get something installed.
Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field EngineerCommented:
DVation191 is correct!

There technicly is no way to allow some remote person to connect to a computer without first "allowing" the connection locally on that computer.

Do you understand where we are trying to go? You would have to allow the remote connection first, thus needing to have a monitor to configure the PC ...

Unless of course, the exploit .. but ...

Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Try to Telnet the PC from Laptop and then install VNC or Radmin software manually on the pc.

NOTE: - Manual installation steps for Remote Admin Softwares will not be supplied here.
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