Print blank paper out!

I don't know what happen to my Word application, all of the sudden when I click "Print" button, it print only blank paper out! Does anyone of you experience this before?

My printer is Canon S100SP. The cartridge is full of ink. So it's not the cartridge problem

At first, I notice it print blank paper only if I choose to print "current page". If I print "All pages", then it has something come out. But today, even the "All pages" also give me blank paper.

The paper not feeding out smoothly, it did go through the print process, i can hear the print head printing. Just some how don't know why the ink not spread on the paper. I thought it was the print head stuck or something. I take a tissue paper to press on it, and the black ink did drop at the tissue. Please help!
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by looking at your desciption, it probably is the printer driver corrupted or something. Try to uninstall and reinstall the Canon printer driver and see if it works.
Your printer adopts a separated printhead, probably nozzles are not working.
Extract the cartridges and printhead from the printer, clean nozzles with a wet paper towel (use only water), then with another towel and alcohol clean contacts that drive electric signals from the carriage and check carefully pins on carriage to see if someone is broken or folded.
Make sure to use only original Canon cartridges, compatible ones have problem in sealing correctly with the printhead and may cause air bubbles, blocking therefore the printhead.

you can test the printer with the printer selftest page, with the cable disconnected.
Usually, it consists of holding 1 or 2 buttons during power up of the printer; check the manual for the correct procedure.
Then you will know for sure if it is a printer problem, or something else.
letsk77Author Commented:
It works! Thanks itchopin! But why would it happen? I didn't install any new software or whatsoever lately, and didn't change any settings or whatsoever, why the printer driver will corrupt?
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