Windows 2000 terminal services does not install on windows 2000 advanced server

I am having issues installing terminal services on  a windows 2000 advanced server.  I go to add/remove programs and select windows components.  Once there i choose the option for terminal services.  It even goes through the motions of asking for the windows 2000 advanced server cd.  I restart the box as requested by the installer program.  However, when i go to administrative tools terminal services manager is not there.  The only thing that appears is terminal services client creator, and even that shows a generic icon(indicating that the link is non-existant).  I attempt to re-install terminal services, however in the windows components dialog box the boxes are already checked off.  I uncheck to uninstall and repeat the process.  After the third time i decided to see if the services had at least shown up in Services, however i do not see anything that relates to terminal services.  

Please help!

windows 2000 advanced server
PIII 1 ghz
2 Gb Ram
60 Gb hdd
Service Pack 4
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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Just to make sure whether all Terminal Services files are installed or not goto Windows CD and install Administrative tools manually from \I386\Adminpak.msi file. Simply double click on it and then use Terminal Manager from Administrative Tools to make sure Terminal Services have been installed or not.

Let me know.
The first question I have is to ask if you are logged on as the administrator to this box......if you are a power user or less, sometimes you are limited by policies (default or otherwise) for installing software and Windows components.  Normally, everything you have done will install the TS application program and place the administrative tools for managing it in your Admin Tools should also see the service as well.

Verify your permissions and let us know if you are trying to install as the admin (either local or domain/enterprise depending on server's role)

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