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We have two print servers with the same Printer Queue name set for Laser Jet 4100 Network Printer, pointing to the same IP with the same Settings on both Print Servers.
Same Driver is installed on both Print Server Servers.
User is trying to print in Landscape and it prints in Portrait only, regardless of the selection.
If we print the same document from the same user PC to the same print queue but on the other Print Server - it prints Landscape just fine.
Both print Queues on the Print Servers are configured identically, pointing to the same IP.
I ran through the Configuration of print queues and there is Nothing different.
I re-installed the drivers on the faulty Print Server in attempt to fix the problem - nothing helps.

Any ideas what could I check further?

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There is a known issue with Hp 4200 Jetdirect printserver, with firmware relase earlier than 2.3.x this device is unable to print correctly in landscape mode.
If it is your case you will have to upgrade the firmware:
and initialize printer driver with driver management function available in the Web interface.
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