networkable scanner suggestions

I need to find a networkable scanner.  Something that can scan and send directly to an smtp email address.
Black and white will probably do but a color one would be good as well.
P.S.  Price matters so the cheaper the better
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I doubt that you will find a scanner which will send its output to an e-mail address. This requires a small built-in mail server, which needs to be configured. Consumer scanners are buy and use products, with not many config possibilities.
Most 'networkable' scanners can be used when attached to some other PC than one's own - your idea would be a great improvement.

We have good experience with the Microtek i900 class. Use Silverfast software if you can get it with the scanner for better scan results.
What is 'cheap'  for you? For a quality scanner you should be willing to pay a few hundred dollars. In the 100-usd-class Epson and Canon offer good flatbed scanners, HP too.

Try nessus. I think it's free.
friekedAuthor Commented:
lbolek: Um, I didn't mean Network Security Scanner, I mean a photo/document scanner, one that can send the pictures directly to an email address.
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I don't know of anything standalone capable of that. You'd have to look into some multifunction system (printer/scanner/fax/copier combination). HP has some such devices, and the cheapest I could find is the brother mfc-410cn, with a builtin network adapter. Xerox and minolta have such products a swell, but those are meant for large offices and far too expensive. I suggest you take a look at that brother, but before buying, make sure the scanning function is also available via the network port (Often the you get only printer drivers which work over the network).
A cheap one that only works with USB scaners and the sending to SMTP should be addressed by the scanner software.
For sharing a scanner I'll recomend Keyspan USB server, works with Win 2K & XP and MacOS X .

I've just got mine and now Im sharing my Cannon 670U on the LAN, install the USB server, then on each computer you want to access to the sacaner you'll need to install the Keyspan aplication. Start the aplication, the select the scaner and use the conect button.   Win XP will detect new hardware,(your scanner) and you'll only need to rsinstall or install de scanner software.

BTW the scanner can only be used by one client at time, and need to be "disconected" from the PC that's using it.
The HP 9130 is an all-in-one color bubblejet device that prints, faxes, scans & digital sends.  It does automatic sheet-fed multi-page scan to single PDF file and can drop the file into a network share or send it off via email.  They retail forjust under a grand, the 9120's go for around $800.
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