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How do you determine and number the partition/hard drive order?

  I began a VECTORLINUX install that so far is going well. I'm stuck at a point in the SETUP that asks me which partition to use for the install files....dev/hda1..dev/hda2.......  There are 2 DOS/WINDOWS partitions on the notebook:  C and G(98 swap). Now, I made 3 additional LINUX partitions from within this preloaded WIN98SE using PARTITION MAGIC. (DUAL BOOT-hopefully...).....Here is the partition listings as they appear in PARTITION MAGIC following the C and G partitions: ---- LINUX EXT2, LINUX SWAP, and a FAT32---- The FAT32 partition is where the installation files reside.  All this on a 333mhz 64mb RAM TIGER NOTEBOOK.  How do I determine the proper numbering to select the partition? (hda1....hda2.etc..??)   Tanks.....
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With your configuration, it depends on whether you have 2 primary and 1 extended partion or you have 3 primary and 1 extended partition.  (these are the most likely setups)

Assuming the second case, hda1 (C:) and hda2 are (G:) both windows.  Linux ext2 is hda3, and the extended partion which contains your other partions is hda4.  Inside of hda4 is linux swap at hda5, and the fat32 (also in the extended partition) is hda6.

It would be a good idea to run fdisk -l from within linux to list all the partions to verify this, but I'm not sure what you have available to boot into a linux system.  If Vector linux lets you boot with the cd into a command line, you could do this.  Otherwise, a live linux cd of some sort would be good for running fdisk.  
I'd suggest you only used partition magic to create enough empty space on the disk. It isn't necessary to "precreate" them. Linux will do that or let you do it during the installation. You can then also select the correct "linux" type of partition. It would then also be easier to find out which is which.

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