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I need to call an external program (still being developed) and pass 3 xml files from an asp page and was wondering about the best route or how to go about it.  How can I 1) call an external program using VBScript or Javascript or 2) should the program be a dll, exe, or something else (like an activex object)?  Thank you in advance.

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A DLL would be a good choice. IF you are running the program on the server itself then make a DLL and pass the names as Input params to a function. IF the program is an exe then you can use the method suggested by jitganguly. But I think you have to change the security settings of IIS on the machine.

If its a dll you can call it within ASP.

Go to download a component call AspExec, and install it in your server, then you can execute the exe file in your server
download file in :


use the wscript object
dim gx
set gx=server.createobject("")"yourapplicationfilewithpath")
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