Anyone seen this file? I think it is spyware, but cannot find it anywhere. Am I the first? ggbcaus.exe

ggbcaus.exe Found this yesterday as a process that could not be stopped. As soon as you stopped, or deleted the registry for it, it came back. Finally jsut went into safe mode and got rid of it. The users computer was polluted with spyware, and got all of it except this one. Searched for it, but foudn nothing. Thought I would ask the community.
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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Almost certain it is malware. Uknown files (especially ones that don't return anything on google) are usually malware.    Deleting the file in safe mode is what I would have told you to do.  
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
not seem it b4 just out of curiosity whats the computername of the offending PC? - some viri name themselves based on the hostname of the PC (to make themselves difficult to find)

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Ranman38Author Commented:
Well, computer name is nothing near the file name, but users initials were gg!  hmmmm.....
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