DNS SOA standards for internal DNS

Please show me what good (standard), settings (i.e. Refresh #, Retry #, Expire #, Minimun #, and TTL for this record #'s), should be for an internal Server 2003 DNS SOA Record (not much changes as far as adding new fqdn's are concerned).

Also, what does "TTL for this record (DDDD:HH::MM::SS)", stand for?

Thank you!!

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TTL= time to live
DDDD:HH:MM::SS is days, hours, minutes seconds

as far as what values you should have it really depends on your needs. But below are the standards that are defined by the RFC standards:

SOA refresh:RFC1912 2.2 recommends a value between 1200 to 43200 seconds (20 minutes to 12 hours).
SOA retry:  120-7200 seconds
SOA expire:  RFC1912 recommends 2-4 weeks
SOA min TTL:  RFC2308 suggests a value of 1-3 hours

supercell29Author Commented:
Thank you.

What I meant by "what does "TTL for this record (DDDD:HH::MM::SS)", stand for?", was "what does it do?" Also, " what should I set it to?"
here is a good web definition of dns TTL


also from from sybex's MCSE 70-216 study guide:  "the elapsed time in seconds that a DNS server is allowed to cache any resource records from this database file.  This is the value that is sent out with all query responses from this zone file when the individual resource refore doesn't contain an overriding value."

as noted in my first post, the min TTL RFC standard is 1-3 hours
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