exmerge will not connect to exchange server

"The specified server "esrv2" is inaccessible. It is not an exchange server or a domain controller is unavailable or you do not have necessary rights to access this server or the LDAP port specified is incorrect"

I have run netsat -n on the server, and i see port 389. I have tried to run exmerge from my workstation, and the exchange server. On the exchange server i have used the service account i created and also the administrator account and all the same error. I have tried specifying the domain controller dsrv2, tried using esrv2.local, dsrv2.local naming...

What am I missing? Very frustrating.
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There are two versions of EXMERGE, you will need to verify that you are using the appropriate one.  One works with 5.5 and one works with 2003.  Also, your stores must be mounted in order to use exmerge.  
you also need Outlook installed ont he computer that you are running exmerge from. It is NOT recommended to run outlook on a server, so you should be running exmerge from the client. Also, exmerge needs to be run from the BIN folder of the exchange install.

so in summary:
Install outlook on your client PC
Copy the Bin folder to your PC
Install (extract) exmerge to the bin folder on your PC.
Try running exmerge again.
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