i can't navigate in any web browser, but in my network i have no problems to aceess it

in mode dhcp appear an ip diferent of the range of my DHCP server(ADSL router) and i can't do a ping to my router and can not change the ip setting like IP RENEW, IP RELEASE, etc.
if i change manualy to a static IP, DNS, and GATEWAY, then yes i can do a ping to my router
and, if i do a ping to my ADSL router, it returning me the ping request normal
and, if i do a ping for example a to my IPS IP also appear the returning ping request normal
but in the header of the list appear an ASCII characters like hearts, and some other ascii characters in the place of the ip adress or the DNS name will be appear, and no one web browser can out to internet but yes i can use my internal network and do a ping but with the error up lines, i was use the msn messenger for all day with no firewall active
 do you know what i need to do.

things already i do

checking for any spyware, virus, worms or some thing like that, and yes it detected spyware and it will be removed
change a NIC after than older NIC was uninstall

please help me i don't want to do a clean XP reinstall, to fix this problem

best regards

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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I am not sure what your problem is but I am thinking you can not pull a DHCP address?    

What IP are you getting automatically?  Is it a 169.x.x.x address??  If so that is a APIPA address:

Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) is the Microsoft Windows term for fallback to the "link local" addresses as prescribed in RFC 3330. It provides a recovery capability for DHCP clients that can neither contact nor obtain addresses from their designated server. APIPA effectively places clients on a peer-to-peer network until such a time as the server can be contacted for IP distribution.

I would check the settings in the DHCP server, make sure it is turned on.  I would need some more info to really help you.  
sillescaAuthor Commented:
Thank's for the your help answer savone,

but guess what?

The real problem is than, i was damaged the TCP/IP libraries and the winsock catalog.
and i already fix it with this tool "WinSock XP Fix",  than i found in the web and i downloaded from this web site  http://www.snapfiles.com/get/winsockxpfix.html,
and o hope than this tool help many other people than may have the same problem.


Thank you for your help.
sillescaAuthor Commented:
hi, TheLearnedOne

can u,  put the link tool than fixed my problem in an public area?
to anybody can fix the same problem


best regards
salvador illescas
from TJ,Mex.
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