Desktop got hijacked

Hi Friends,
My system got hit with spyware yesterday ,i removed all of them but my desktop still remains hijacked.All the icons on the desktop are creating shadows of themselves,but i was able to change the background today from that blue screen.And the "web" button is disappearing under "right click properties->desktop->customize desktop".Can someone please tell me how to remove this spyware,i've tried the followin :

M/S Anti-Spyware Beta(the most effective one)
Repair Desktop
Trend Micro Online Scan
AdAware SE
SpyBot Search & Destroy
Avast antivirus

Please Help!!!
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 70 points refunded.

Community Support Moderator
harmeek_80Author Commented:
Never mind ..i got that fixed...i would like my points refunded.thanks

Your welcome?
How did you sort it then?

Btw next time try hijackthis too!
Great anti spyware program :)
harmeek_80Author Commented:
I tried that too.....i updated my m/s antispyware beta the latest updates...and then i ran a deep scan..and it removed everything...
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