Exporting data from database

There is any way to export data to excel format or word format or any other format
so user when click on button open the save window for them and ask them which format
they want
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pinaldaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Following example is for the excel data. you can use the word similarly just changing them to word or excel.

 <cfquery datasource="MyDataSourceHere" name="qryAccessData">
     SELECT Field1, Field2, FieldN
          FROM AccessTable
<cfheader name="content-disposition" value="inline;filename=AccessToExcelDump.xls">
<cfcontent type="application/msexcel">
<table border="1">
     </tr><cfoutput query="qryAccessData">

Also what you can do is that. You can create the link where user can download their required format.


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split Trail and pinaldave IMHO
awaiting feedback ;o)
agree with pinaldave ;o)
I think between what pinaldave and I posted there is a solution, if not both being a solution to the question... I agree to split, should asamuel not want to keep this open for further help ;o)
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