I want to make my system ( built by powerbuilder 9.0 ) is able to send e-mail thru exchange 2003 SMTP when certain thing happens which I set up.

Does anybody know waht I have to do?

1. Do I need to set up something on Exchange 2003 server for smtp/

2. Do I need make a code for ms- sql?

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eatmeimadanishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use either a POP3 system setup, or use a mapi profile.  Not sure what you used, but it is easy to setup in sql a mailbox to send information to.
manrippoAuthor Commented:
If you say MAPI profile, what is that mean and how I set that up for SQL mail?

manrippoAuthor Commented:
Sending mail is working in a organization. Let's say the domain name is I am able to send email to for SQL mail. However if the system send a e-mail to, it is rejected.
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