Pinging internal computers in a PPPoE Internet setup


Windows 2003, SP1. PPPoE SBC DSL Service. Server is configured as a AD,DHCP,DNS Server. In the DHCP Scope option, DNS Server is The workstations can access the Internet but I am unable to ping any of computer on my small LAN. I look at DHCP leases and each one of them is in the same subnet...etc...No events in viewer...This must have started happenning after we got the DSL Service...cannot ping by name or IP..when I do ping 192.168.x.x it seems to go to "public ip"...what is happening in my network.

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it is because of firewall and Lazarus 2nd soul is also ok,

check them, and let us know, better you will provide your network config so we will figure out where you made a mistake.

pinging is only requied to check connectitvity of your computer. If the other services are working fine with out any trouble so you don't have to worry about it. Another thing is that which programe you are using to share your internet amoung your clients may that programe stopped the pinging because of security.


birenshuklaAuthor Commented:
If I do just nslookup with any ip says dns server cannot be found...
but if I do nslookup ip address...
it says server could not be found on first line and finds the server and ip address on second line...

what the heck is going on???
Just things to look for:
Do your Client PC's have there Primary DNS IP set to your Win 2003 Server? SHOULD BE
Does your Win 2003 Server have it's Primary DNS Server set to it's self? SHOULD BE
Do you have File and Printing intalled  and set in your Exception list of your FireWalls? SHOULD BE
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