Why does my DVD drive continuously pops open

The machine is a Toshiba Satellite 2805-S402, Windows XP home all updates have been applied, the DVD ROM is a Toshiba SD-R2002.

This has been going on since the machine was upgraded to Windows XP from Windows ME.  I cannot find any reference to an updated driver.  I've Googled the drive trying to find an updated driver with no luck.

As soon as I turn the machine on the drawer pops open, if I shut the drawer the light comes on so you can see the machine is trying to access it then the drawer pops open again.

Got any suggestions???

Thanks for the help
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one thing you can do is a fresh install of XP, so you do nott inherit bad rdrivers and things from ME.
Other than that, check in the device manager for errors, or try updating the mobo drivers.
It can of course be a dying drive too.
before windows starts, go into the bios, see if you have problems with the drive in bios.  If so it should have nothing to do with the upgrade from winme to winxp, but will be a bios or hardware problem.  
Try putting in a CD that will Autorun when inserted. Hold the door closed and see if it starts. It may be the door release button is bad if the CD works.

Which sound driver did you install for XP? This model had a problem with the DVD if the wrong driver was installed.
Here is the Toshiba site link for the correct driver:

You could try loading this Toshiba CD/DVD button manager for Win XP:
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c7c4c7Author Commented:
New piece of information   -  On power up the machine gets hung for aboout a minute if the cd drive drawer is not closed after that I get the following error   IDE #1 error

After that the CD doesn't work at all until I reboot the next time

tfjeff - Toshiba doesn't provide access to the bios at start up like most machines, Toshiba provides an application in the control panel but it no longer works after the upgrade.

I did find a bios upgrade on Toshiba and applied that but it didn't correct the problem.

ddrdan - The door won't stay shut when you insert a cd so you never get as far as using autorun.
              I applied the 2 updates that you suggessted, but that didn't help either
it just sounds like a bad drive.  Replace it with a known good unit and the problem should go away.  I have seen bad dvd rom drives that do what you are describing and they end up being bad drives.

The kicker is when you say it happens as soon as you turn on the laptop, that means bad hardware.
c7c4c7Author Commented:
Never got an answer that worked so I split the points so everyone got equal number
if your drive is bad, you've got the correct answer.
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