Cand send or receive mail on exchange 2003

I have setup 2 exchange servers that work in different forests in my office as test run. Both are configured the same.And I am testing just one at time over my internet connection. The port 25 is being routed to the right locatrion. One is working good the other is geting error ID290 when I send message anywhere.
The Warning id 290
a non-delivery report(reason code unable to transfer and siagnostic code unrecognised OR name) is being generated for message C=US;A=;Taylorgroup:L=ALL-SRV-01 050507023336Z-9. It was originaly destined for DN:CN=JDUFF,CN=RECIPIENTS,OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP,0=TAYLORGROUP(recipient number1),and was toredirect to [MTA DISP:RESULT 16 136](12)

Couln't find explanation. Does somebody have answer?
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it is usually an indication that one or more of the servers involved has an incorrect system date or time setting.

check this and let us know what is changed.


josefkocarekAuthor Commented:
Non of those apply. I worst case I will reinstall the server, but before I do that I would like to know why is this happening.
josefkocarekAuthor Commented:
The system date and time are OK. I got so agrivated, that I am reinstaling the whole system. I am changing the instalation sequence it could be , that I have instaled the SP1 at wrong place.
Thanks for your help gentleman.
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