Error converting data type varchar to smallint.


I have been getting this error for hours, when i try to do a database insert.

I am not trying to convert varchar to smallint.

I have a stored procedure with params like this at the top:

@PasswordQuestion                              varchar(150),
@PasswordAnswer                              nvarchar(150),
@WebsiteDiscoveryMethodCode                        smallint,
@EmployerID                              char(35)

I do not know why I get this error... soooo frustrating.. can anyone explain why this error would erroneously happen?

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Show the rest of your proc, in particular youre insert statement.  It's kind of hard to tell with just the parameter information.

Westside2004Author Commented:
turned out I was missing a parameter.... lol..

I call the proc from the app and i was not passing in a required param... my bad

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