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Postfix: could not connect to port 25

My OS: Fedora core 3
Mail server: Postfix-2.1.5-5 ( rpm )
Here is my mail server config ( change from main.cf defaul config )
inet_interface=$myhostname, localhost
mydestination= $myhostname, localhost,          localhost.$mydomain
mynetwork_style = host ( accvn.net -------- Internet )
home_mailbox = Mailbox
mail_spool_directory = /var/spool/mail
.... others is default
- nmap localhost: 25 smtp ( Ok)
- telnet localhost 25 -> postfix mail server -> Ok
- filewall OFF
telnet myhost.com 25  from a client -> Could not open connection to the host on port 25

??? Could you help me!
Kien Kennedy
Kien Kennedy
1 Solution
Is myhost.com equated to an IP in /etc/hosts or will a DNS lookup of myhost.com return an IP?. You've told postfix to listen on the IP associated with myhost.com and localhost (inet_interface=$myhostname, localhost) but if it can't look up the IP that won't work.

In almost all cases you need to be using a fully qualified domain name (host.mydomain.com) rather than the domain (mydomain.com). And that hostname must be resolvable to an IP via /etc/hosts or via DNS.

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