Connect Playstation directly to PC

Is there a way to directly connect my PS2 directly to my PC? I would imagine the use of an S-video cable would come into play. So can play my PS2 on my PC using the monitor as output? I have a ATI 9800xt.
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Hey there. :-)

The easiest way [IMHO], just get a Playstation2 -> VGA adapter. You can plug your PS2 -directly- into your monitor.

I used to do this with my brothers XBOX, and trust me, you don't want to run the video through your video card.
Reason: It will introduce a lag/delay [from the processing] that will totally kill your's like your playing while drunk! :D

Anyway, kinda what I'm talking about:

There are literally *TONS* of them out there, so shop around!

Good luck, and happy gaming! =^.^=
CHSnakeAuthor Commented:

Thank you Ron D, but I've actually seen that, and the reason that doesn't address my specific needs is because that seems to be talking about a *network* connection, whereas for me, I'm simply looking to connect it with a *video connection*, for the lack of a better term. Not sure if this can be done, but just checking with the experts.
You'd need a video capture device, such as this one:

Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80

That device allows you to to connect a standard RCA plug or S-Video plug, and then connect it to your computer via USB.

The ATI Radeon 9800XT may have an S-Video port on the back, but it is for output only.  That particular card has no Input interfaces at all.  As such, there is no way to input a signal directly into your video card.
I am using a toshiba p25 with no vga input, only out.  I tried the ATI tv wonder usb2 but it has a lag.  I would like to use jmtyra's suggestion but as I said I only have VGA out.  How can I fix this?
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