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Basically what is truecolor and what is pseudocolor. What elements distinguish one from the other.
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Manvel N-YanCommented:

   PseudoColor is a class of colormap in which a pixel value indexes the colormap entry to produce an independent RGB value; that is, the colormap is viewed as an array of triples (RGB values). The RGB values can be changed dynamically.
   Pseudocoloring recolors pixels with colored values as a function of the grey level value in the original monochrome image. Pseudocoloring is used because of the limitation of the human visual system to distinguish all the brightness range values.


   TrueColor can be viewed as a degenerate case of DirectColor in which the subfields in the pixel value directly encode the corresponding RGB values. That is, the colormap has predefined read-only RGB values. The values are typically linear or near-linear increasing ramps.
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