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8-queens solution in PROLOG explaination needed (I am a beginer!!)

generate(N, N, [N]).
generate(N, M, [N | Rest]) :-
   N < M,
   N1 is N + 1,
   generate(N1, M, Rest).
solution(N, Ys):-
   generate(1, N, RFvals),
   Bot is 1 - N, Top is N - 1,
   generate(Bot, Top, Uvals),
   TwiceN is N + N,
   generate(2, TwiceN, Vvals),
   solution(Ys,RFvals, RFvals, Uvals, Vvals).
solution([], [], _, _, _).
solution([Y | Ylist], [X | Xsleft], Ys, Us, Vs) :-
    insert(Y, Ysleft, Ys),
    U is X - Y,
    insert(U, Usleft, Us),
    V is X + Y,
    insert(V, Vsleft, Vs),
    solution(Ylist, Xsleft, Ysleft, Usleft, Vsleft).

insert(X, L, [X | L]).
insert(X, [H | T], [H | XT]) :-
   insert(X, T, XT).

Hi experts, I would like you to help me understanding the solution above written in PROLOG. Please provide me with a detailed explaination as soon as possible.  
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1 Solution
This is the recursive solution to 8 queens problem. In one line - take the list of board layouts from solutions to the "n-1 Queens Problem" and for each board, try adding a queen to each of the rows in the n-th column. If the new queen is "safe", add this board to the set of solutions to the "n Queens Problem".

Detailed explanations/diagrams can be found here
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