windows Xp logon password

Hi Experts,
One of our Employee go out of our department.
but he put  boot(bios) and Windows Xp logon password on his computer.
our manager Told me to crack Those Passwords.
I can clear bios password  with removing its battery.
but i cant clear windows Xp logon password.
Do any way existed for this work?
we have some valuable data that configruing again( setting up another win xp and related programs )Takes so much money.
we need your helps for solving this problem. our work blocked for his work.
please help us.

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Was that the admin password ?

else u could just
Login using another account (need administrator or equivalent privileges).
click start|run|"control userpasswords2"
click the account and reset password.
gomrokAuthor Commented:
i cant logon to winxp.
i only see "gas" username on logon window.

you mean to say u dont've the Administrator password also ?
did u try loggin in as user Administrator and leave empty the password field ?
if u dont know any of the login username/passowrd ( how come? atleast admin password should be knwon by ur h/w people)
resetting it is the only option
gomrokAuthor Commented:
it is a single pc computer.(he dont connect it to our network).
he defined this username/password before going out on winxp.
gomrokAuthor Commented:
many thanks for your helps
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