Installation of XP Home Extremely Slow

Running a repair installation on a Gateway PC that's been installing for over 10 hours.  It's still at 35 minutes remaining and at the Preparing Installation -> Installing Devices section.

I have not received any error messages and the PC does not appear to be frozen b/c the "What XP has to offer" screens are changing as if the installation is still progressing.
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Hi mdmcq5,

   Do you hear excessive head movement from either the CD drive or the hard drive? - could be a scuffed install CD, or more likely a failed hard drive.

   You didn't say much about the PC, you might also check that everything is configured right, especially if it's an older PC - the Bios will have a setting for the harddrive IO mode - if its set lower than needed, it could limit the drive speed.

 - Jack
mdmcq5Author Commented:
It's a Gateway Pentium4.  The info on the back for Model: MFATXPNT ESX500S PO4.  No noise from the CD or hard drive. PIO is set at Mode 4
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ok that all sounds good.
Make sure you enabled SMART for the hard drive, then look for a smart took from the drive's manufacturer - that tool will tell you if the drive has reported any problems internally - if it has - probably best to spend $50 on a new HD.
mdmcq5Author Commented:
started the installation from scratch and it finished in 15 minutes.  There are two windows installations on the same partition now, and will have to delete the old...thanx
Once you backup your data, suggest you perform a clean install by wiping partitions and recreating the one(s) you want to use going forward.  You will have a much more stable and dependable system.

If you need one, these are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.

mdmcq5Author Commented:
Booted to the desired version of Windows XP to keep. Opened command prompt typee echo %windir%. Gave me the current Windows folder being used.  From Explorer, deletee the folder containing the installation to remove.

Everything is running great and no need to do a clean install. thanks for the help.
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